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When is a good time to start private music lessons?

We register students throughout the year and ensure that convenient lesson times are available.  We understand that no two children develop in the same way.  Most children are ready for private music lessons by first grade - when they acquire reading skills.  We recommend that you bring in your child for an interview with one of our experienced teachers.  Adult students may obviously start at any time.  We have students in their late 70’s that are finally fulfilling a lifelong dream.  There is simply no age barrier to learning and enjoying music.

What teaching methods do you use at Five Hands Studio? We use a variety of methods depending on each student’s needs.  Our main focus for students is music fundamentals - rhythmic skills, note reading, theory, scales & chords, and a variety of repertoire.  Our main methods are the Faber & Faber Piano Adventures Series, and the Helen Marlais Succeeding with the Piano Series.

However, we use whatever methods and supplements we deem necessary to address the needs of our students. We do not solely use the Suzuki method for piano because we feel it is insufficient for teaching good music reading skills.  Supplementary to all methods used here is our adherence to the standards of the Illinois State Music Teachers Association.  Mastery of music fundamentals encourages students to enjoy music for the rest of their lives - long after they have left us.

Can adults learn to play the piano without any musical background? Absolutely!  We have many adults who have started taking music lessons with us and are now playing intermediate to advanced piano music.  Learning music is a commitment and should be treated as such.  Like children, adults learn at various speeds.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  It is our job to help adults identify theirs in order to help them progress at a steady rate.  We help adults set goals based upon their own desires.  We teach efficient ways to economize their limited time in order to reach these goals.

Can students learn to play chords and pop music at Five Hands Studio? Yes! Part of our philosophy is that students should be exposed to many styles of music. There is great beauty in the subtle ideas and techniques used in classical music, but there is such vibrant energy in the improvisations of blues and jazz!  Some students want to be able to read chord symbols so they can accompany themselves while they sing.  There certainly is more than one way to express yourself!

Do I have to start lessons at the beginning of the year? No. Students may enroll at any time during the year.  Tuition is pro-rated and adjusted accordingly.  Students are measured against their own progress.  Our lessons are private - given on a one to one basis with their individual teacher, so students learn at their own pace.

When a student enrolls at Five Hands Studio, what exactly does this cover?

You will enjoy the value at Five Hands Studio.  Our curriculum allows students to continue effortlessly, even if their schedules demand that they need to switch teachers or times.  Students’ lessons are also supplemented with online theory games which they can use from the convenience of their home computers.   The online music resources are instrumental for teaching theory, rhythm reading, note reading and ear training skills.  Parents of students have opportunities to attend group lessons and personal consultations - free of charge - so that they are better equipped to help their children succeed with music.  Recitals are also included, as well as our annual Student Appreciation Night at Devonshire Pool.  Students receive all this and more for one low monthly payment!  They may also choose to take advantage of other optional performance opportunities such as the North Shore Music Teachers Association's Achievement in Music and National Piano Guild Auditions.  Five Hands Studio is the Skokie, IL headquarters of the National Piano Guild - which makes it very convenient for our students to participate!

What is unique about Five Hands Studio?

We are different from other music studios.  We feel that music is a language meant to be used by students in a natural, expressive way.  In order for our students to learn this language and enjoy using it, we know that it depends upon the quality of their practice habits.  Our commitment, then, is to ensure that teachers, students and parents are aligned regarding how students need to practice.  We give free seminars and consultations to parents about how to guide their children.  We also have curriculum checkpoints and recitals throughout the year.  In summary, we teach that discipline and delayed gratification are the qualities that enable people to succeed and be happy.  We teach this through the perfect medium of music - and the rewards are lasting.  Self-discipline is a valuable tool, but if it isn’t fun, something is amiss.  To compare the features of our studio versus those of others, click here.

Although we teach music lessons at our studio in Skokie, many of our students find that it is worthwhile and convenient to come here from Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Niles and North Chicago.  Some even come here from Naperville!  There is a good reason for this and we encourage you to come to our studio to find out why.