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is what makes

music easy

and fun!

Enjoy these helpful links!

Links to Music Supplements:

              Music Learning Community

                  You already have a membership at this site with a username and

                  password.  If you do not know this, please check your past emails

                  or call the front desk.  This is an excellent resource for students.  

     ‣         Achievement in Music Ear Training

                  This is a good resource for AiM theory students.

     ‣        Advanced Achievement in Music Theory Resource    

                  This includes music fundamentals, harmonic dictation,

                  advanced ear training.

     ‣         Music Theory

                  Here is a wide variety of theory exercises, from beginner to


              Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

                  This is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Website for Kids - Musical

                  Periods/Composers Time Machine.

     ‣         San Francisco Symphony Orchestra Kids

                  This is a site from the San Francisco Symphony for elementary

                  students with lots of activities.